FeaturesLCB Prime Blue Cat Food
  Selected marine fish and chicken offer highly digestible protein. Easy-to-digest calcium and phosphorus boost bone
and muscle growth. Antioxidants from cranberries, carrots and tomatoes lower the damage of oxidation to fat,
protein and DNA.
  Specially blended fibers and enzyme boost gastrointestinal movements, help eliminate hairballs in your cat’s stomach
and minimize the discomfort during retching.
  When the pH of cat’s urine is out of balance or due to bacterial infection, small mineral crystals tend to form and
lead to urinary obstruction. This is most common in male cats. The LCB formula is low in magnesium, oxalic acid
and sodium, with proper animal protein and fibers, for a better balanced urinary pH condition. Additional PACs
help prevent urinary tract infection and formation of urinary crystals.
  Taurine is essential in prevention of blindness, neurotic defects, and abnormal body development.
The omega 3 and 6 unsaturated fatty acids in salmon oil and vegetable oil provide enough nutritional care for
your cat’s skin and coat.
Helps decomposition of food, such as protein, fat and carbohydrates.
Lactic Acid Bacteria:
Help maintain the probiotic balance in the gastrointestinal tract, promote absorption of nutrients, ease allergy,
diarrhea, and boost immune system.
Bacillus Subtilis Natto
With strong dissolvability of fibrin, it’s effective in preventing thrombus, hypertension and osteoporosis.