Q1:How should I choose my cat’s food?
Different brands of pet food have different formulas. The pet owner should choose suitable pet food according to pet’s age, weight or current body functional needs. For example, choose formulas with highly digestible protein for cat’s easier nutrient absorption, formulas for urinary stone prevention, or formulas for helping hairball discharge.
Q2:How do I know my cat’s age?
A cat’s age can be estimated by its overall body development, maturity and aging signs. It’s calculated in a ratio to human calendar year, and different breeds have different ratios. Since there are numerous factors that affect a cat’s life span, the following table is only average data for reference.
Q3:How many times a day should I feed my cat?
We suggest to free-feed your cat and let it enjoy its meal when it’s hungry. Start with small portions on a frequent basis, such as 2 to 3 times a day, and increase the frequency gradually. Don’t take away uneaten food right away so that your cat knows there’s always something to eat. This can avoid bloat, vomit, gastrointestinal discomfort or unbalanced urinary pH level caused by overeating. If you worry that the food might get stale, try feed your cat only in mornings and evenings with enough portion of food (adjust according to your cat’s appetite and body shape). After your cat gets used to this feeding schedule, it can enjoy the food slowly and happily. Make sure to change the food overnight.
Q4:My cat doesn’t like to drink. What should I do?
1. Mix water in your cat’s food, whether it’s canned or dry. Start with a small portion of water and add gradually according to your cat’s acceptance.
2. Place water right beside its food and put more bowls of water where you cat may pass by, such as staircase, terrace, and outdoors to make sure it has a convenient reach to water.
3. Make sure the water in the bowls is clean and fresh. Remember to change the water regularly.
4. Try a drinking fountain. Your cat may be attracted by the flowing water and want to lick it. It also helps increase your cat’s water intake.

Q5: Do cats like eating fish?
Cats like both fish and meat, especially fish for its amino acids that are easily digested and absorbed, which is very beneficial to cats. Therefore, the fish formula is very suitable for cats because it’s abundant with amino acids and well-balanced Ω3 & Ω6 unsaturated fatty acids, which help nourish cat’s skin and coat.