Q1: Can dry pet food be used as a pet’s primary diet?

Yes, dry pet food can be used as a pet’s primary diet because the calories, nutritional elements and flavors of the pet food are specially formulated by professional veterinary doctors or R&D team. The advantage of dry pet food is that you can choose different formulas designed for specific pet health, such as skin and coat care. The good quality protein and dietary fibers in the pet food are also very helpful in promoting your pet’s digestion. Human food is not suitable for a pet’s digestion and could cause potential hazard to its health. Therefore, it’s safer and healthier to feed dry pet food to your pet.

Q2: How do I know my dog’s age?

A dog’s age can be estimated by its overall body development, maturity and aging signs. It’s calculated in a ratio to human calendar year, and different breeds have different ratios. Since there are numerous factors that affect a dog’s life span, the following table is only average data for reference.

Dog’s Age
Human Age
Dog’s Age
Human Age
1 year old
15 year old
11 year old
60 year old
2 year old
26 year old
12 year old
64 year old
3 year old
28 year old
13 year old
68 year old
4 year old
32 year old
14 year old
72 year old
5 year old
36 year old
15 year old
76 year old
6 year old
40 year old
16 year old
80 year old
7 year old
44 year old
17 year old
84 year old
8 year old
48 year old
18 year old
88 year old
9 year old
52 year old
19 year old
92 year old
10 year old
56 year old
20 year old
96 year old
Q3: How much a day should I feed my dog?
This is a very common question among first-time dog owners. The best way is to feed your dog according to its age, living habits and activity level. Following is a table for reference.
Q4: How should I change my pet’s food? What should I pay attention to?
‧Before you make the change:
Do not change the food completely all at once; otherwise the pet may not want to eat the food. You should first pay attention to your pet’s health condition. Do not change your pet’s food when it’s sick, pregnant or when she just has whelped no more than 2 months ago.
‧How to make the change:
Keep some portion of the old pet food and mix well with the new one. You can refer to following chart for a guideline. Do it slowly.
Q5: Why my dog has loose stool after I changed its food?
At the beginning of pet food change, when the portion of new pet food is too big, It might result in problems such as diarrhea or vomit. Therefore, we suggest mixing the old and new pet food according to the chart in Q4. When the stomach problem is tackled, your pet will have better immunity as well.