Brand Story
In the 16th century, the French King Henry III created a chivalry named the Order of the Holy Spirit,
of which most members are of noble origin. All the members of this chivalry wore crosses hung from
blue silk ribands.
Thus, they were also called ‘Les Cordon Bleus’ (The Blue Ribbons). Later on, during the reign of King
Henry IV, in order to encourage culinary excellence, champions of culinary competitions were also
honored with blue award ribbons. In the change of time, ‘Cordon Bleu’ then becomes the emblem of
excellence in food.
As a result, we would like to share the cordon bleu excellence of French cuisine with your beloved pet.

“Luxury Chateau Bravo”
It is a heavenly bliss to enjoy luxurious and savory cuisine. Luxury Chateau Bravo pet food series
offers exactly this kind of heavenly royal bliss to your beloved pet. Benefit’s delicately formulated
Luxury Chateau Bravo pet food series is not only a healthy choice but also a delectable treat for
your pet. Using select and uncontaminated lamb, chicken and beef originated from New Zealand and
Australia as the formula foundation, along with nutritious veggies and fruits, Luxury Chateau Bravo
pet food series provides multiple palatable choices for your precious pet. The team of Benefit endeavors
to ensure that every meal of your beloved pet becomes a delightful cordon bleu enjoyment.
In our nowadays life, pets have become an indispensible part of the family. A happy pet makes a
happy family. Therefore, we instill the cordon bleu spirit into Luxury Chateau Bravo pet food series
and make sure that only exquisite ingredients are used in our specially designed nutrition-balanced
formulas because your pet deserves nothing but the best.